Executive Search

The Sales Zone has a rich history of completing a wide range of searches from senior managers to CEO’s, and everything in between. We have worked with early stage companies, closely held companies, and publicly traded firms. Our range of experience informs an agile, yet well-defined process that delivers candidates who will drive successful results in your company.

Sales Search

Since 2000, our firm has been focused on sourcing and placing high-level individual contributors in client-facing and revenue-affecting roles in both the B2B and B2G sectors. We work both with clients who have repeatable and sustainable hiring processes as well as those clients who are embarking upon a sales or business development search for the first time. We excel at searches that require unique skills and backgrounds.

Candidate Focus

If you are a candidate already in job search mode or are in the process of launching a job search. We can assist you in your search in a variety of ways. If we don’t have the right job for you right now, we would still like to speak with you and discuss your background and your future career goals.